Pilot shipment from China makes Georgia a “significant player” in Middle Corridor, according to Georgia Deputy Economy Minister

A successful pilot shipment from China through the Middle Corridor logistics route was announced on Monday by Georgian Deputy Economy Minister Guram Guramishvili. According to him, the country has become a “significant player in the global supply chain”.
After travelling via Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan, cars loaded in the Chinese city of Ürümqi reached Georgia on Sunday.
As Guramishvili said, freight could be sent from China to Europe via the Corridor route in the future, while the cargo’s final destination was Georgia.
They also planned a transit shipment to Turkey on a similar route through Georgia in July.
An important opportunity for importers and entrepreneurs with trade and economic ties with China is presented by an organized road transport from China to Georgia due to facilitation of their mobility and speeding up the entry of goods into Georgia in the supply chain.
The country will develop different types of logistics services as the number of such shipments increases. The East-West Highway is a good example of Georgian infrastructure’s intensive development. The country is implementing several global transport projects, such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway and railway modernization projects. Construction procedures for the Anaklia deep sea port project are also in the active phase.
According to Guramishvili, cargo shipping from China to Europe by sea took 52 days, while container shipping to Georgian ports through the Middle Corridor took 12 days, which makes the route “extremely attractive” for shipping companies.
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