Upper Lars border crossing capacity for Armenian trucks increases by 1.5-2 times – Ministry of Economy

The number of Armenian trucks passing through the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border has almost doubled, Deputy Economy Minister Narek Teryan said.

He said the situation began to improve last year after a meeting of economy ministers of Armenia and Russia, when a roadmap for solving these issues was prepared.

‘Today we can already say that the steps that have been taken, such as the opening of new lanes, allowed increasing the capacity of the checkpoint by 1.5-2 times compared to previous years,” Teryan said in an interview with the Public Television of Armenia.

He said the launch of a ferry service across the Black Sea has also been worked out, but problems have arisen due to the sanctions imposed against Russia. “We believe that next year the ferry will be launched,” the deputy minister said.

The only land route between Armenia and Russia passes through the Upper Lars border crossing point. The crossing is periodically closed due to difficult weather conditions, causing huge losses for Armenian exporters.

Reconstruction of this checkpoint is ongoing, the completion of which will increase its capacity to 3.5 thousand vehicles per day.

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