Energy supplies from Russia to China hit record high, says Kremlin aide

Russia’s energy supplies to China have reached record highs, same as trade turnover between the two countries, Kremlin Aide Yury Ushakov told reporters prior to the upcoming visit of the Russian leader to the People’s Republic of China on February 4.

“Energy supplies to China have reached record highs. More than 15 bln cubic meters of gas have been exported via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline since its launch, the construction of the transit gas pipeline through the territory of Mongolia from Russia to China is under consideration,” he said, referring to the Chinese gas market as “the most promising and dynamically developing market in the world.”

Trade turnover between Russia and China soared by one third last year, hitting a fresh all-time high of $140 bln, according to Ushakov. Moscow and Beijing continue moving gradually towards the goal of increasing mutual trade to $200 bln set by the two countries’ heads, he noted.

That said, the sides “keep a strong focus on the creation of financial infrastructure aimed at securing the Sino-Russian cooperation from the sanctions pressure of third countries,” Kremlin Aide added.