Georgia’s PM highlights a pivotal role of the Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and China in fostering greater trade between the countries

As Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said at the Official Reception marking the 74th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, Georgia has been historically positioned as a natural bridge between Europe and Asia and an integral part of the ancient Silk Road. He also mentioned that Georgia’s strategic location enables it to contribute to the revival of the Silk Road under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) through the Middle Corridor.
According to Irakli Garibashvili, Georgia can boast of its distinct history, unique traditions and progressive aspirations, but it also acknowledges a strong bond with China.
He said that he was pleased to highlight the countries’ well-established and fruitful cooperation, evident across various fields of mutual interest – from infrastructure and trade to education and tourism.
The Prime Minister said that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Georgia and China, which came into force in January 2018, has played a pivotal role in fostering greater trade between our nations. China is consistently among Georgia’s top 3 trading partners.
According to the PM, Georgia-China cooperation at the governmental level is booming, with various ministries, agencies, and regions actively engaged in collaborative efforts. He said that this multifaceted cooperation undoubtedly demonstrates the countries’ dedication to achieving common goals.
He also stated that active cooperation with China in the fields of culture and education is welcomed. The growing enthusiasm among the Georgian people for the Chinese language and culture, establishing a basis for fostering meaningful people-to-people exchanges, is extremely delightful to observe.
A decree introducing visa-free travel for Chinese citizens has been recently issued with this understanding. Georgia’s unwavering commitment to strengthening the amicable bonds with China is reflected by this decision. Greater cultural exchange and tourism flows between the two countries is expected to be facilitated by this initiative.
In conclusion the Prime Minister of Georgia expressed his confident that the bilateral strategic partnership will continue to flourish, bringing prosperity and mutual benefits to the both nations.

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