Road transport of goods from Moldova to be exempted from authorizations in EU

The official round of negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement between Moldova and the European Union on the liberalization of the road transport of goods from Moldova to the European Union took place at the headquarters of the Infrastructure and Regional Development Ministry (MIDR) today.

Under the document, the road transport of goods in the bilateral and transit regime is to be exempted from authorizations. Thus, the road transport operators from Moldova will be provided with continuous mobility, new opportunities and freer access to the European market.

The agreement’s provisions will establish the type of the transport operations, duration of the Agreement’s validity, the work of the Joint Commission for monitoring and implementing the agreement, etc. The draft agreement was worked out by the team of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE).

Presently, the bilateral relations in the road transport sector with most EU member states are regulated based on the bilateral inter-governmental agreements, which establish various conditions for the carrying out of the road transport operations. In particular, they establish that the road transports of goods are carried out only based on road transport authorizations. The quotas of authorizations are set at negotiations, according to the principle of parity and are, to a great extent, insufficient for the road transport operators from Moldova.

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