Authorization procedure for imported medicines in Transnistrian region re-discussed, with participation of political representatives

Today, a new meeting of experts for health protection was held with the participation of the coordinators of the sectoral working groups, political representatives in negotiations for the Transnistrian settlement from Chisinau and exponents of the companies licensed in the pharmaceutical sector, the Reintegration Policy Office has reported.

The discussions focused on the authorization of the import of medicines that are not included in the national specialty nomenclature and the difficulties faced by pharmaceutical distributors who intend to introduce them to the Transnistrian region.

The procedures and requirements that must be respected in this regard were reiterated, including from the perspective of compliance with quality, medical efficiency and security standards for people’s health, taking into account the rules of the European Union and the World Organization of Health to which the Republic of Moldova has joined, especially in the context of obtaining the status of a candidate country for joining the EU.

It was mentioned that the sustainable and viable solution to the problem of authorization of essential medicines can take place once the nomenclatures and medical protocols are standardized throughout the country, however, potential mechanisms of a provisional nature are not able to solve the difficulties in a complex and definitive way.

The meetings of the Medicines Commission are convened several times a month, each case is thoroughly examined, and in the last 6 months over a thousand authorizations for the import of medicines were issued to applicant companies in the region, and no cases of refusal were found for requests aimed at supplying educational institutions and medical centers in the region.

Consultations and dialogue on this topic will continue at the next meetings that will be established in the work process.

Photo: Reintegration Policy Office

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