Moldova, Ukraine to sign Agreement on construction of Cosăuţi-Yampil road bridge

Cabinet approved in today’s meeting the signing of Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Ukraine on the construction of the cross-border road bridge over the Dniester River, on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, in the area of ​​Cosăuți – Yampil.

The bridge will be 641 meters long, have two lanes, two safety lanes, two bike lanes, two sidewalks and a 667-meter-long trestle on the Ukrainian side.

According to the decision of the Executive, the construction of the border road bridge will interconnect the road infrastructure between the states, on the route T-02-02 Mohyliv-Podilsky-Yampil-Kryzopil-Bershad-Uman (Ukraine) and the national road R14.1 R14-Cosauti – border with Ukraine (Republic of Moldova).

Also, the road network through the eastern part of the Republic of Moldova will be connected to the international road network (AGR), thus facilitating trade on domestic and international markets.

“The Government of Ukraine will provide funding for the technical design of the bridge, including its construction, as well as the construction of related infrastructure on its territory, and the Government of the Republic of Moldova will provide the construction of related road infrastructure on the territory of our state. The expenses for the construction of the access road to the bridge on the territory of the Republic of Moldova constitute an estimated 900 million lei “, the document indicates.

Negotiations on the text of the Agreement took place in November 2021.

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