Government: Hungary-Serbia partnership better than ever

The strategic partnership and friendship between Hungary and Serbia greatly helps Hungary better handle the unprecedented challenges it faces, the foreign minister said on Saturday. Szijjártó said on Facebook after talks between the prime ministers of Hungary and Serbia in Belgrade that the majority of central European countries were facing challenges in three areas: the … Read more

Russia’s Food Exports Earned Record Revenues Amid Soaring Global Food Prices

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Russia earned record revenues from food exports in 2021, maintaining its newfound status as a net seller of agricultural products for the second consecutive year. The country exported $37.7 billion in foodstuffs, the Interfax news agency reported on Friday, citing stats from the AgroExport federal institute. The previous record of $30.5 billion was set in … Read more

Minsk wants to more actively use Russian ports for transit — Foreign Minister

Belarus should take appropriate steps to neutralize adverse consequences related to the restriction of goods export via Lithuanian ports, Latvian ports, Vladimir Makei noted. Minsk intends to more actively use Russian ports for transit of Belarusian goods, Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei said on Wednesday. “A range of agreements on throughput of Belarusian goods … Read more

Integration helps Russia and Belarus effectively resist Western sanctions

The ambassador noted that Russia has granted Belarus significant discounts on gas prices, and as a result, Belarusian manufacturers have the opportunity to reduce the cost of production, which increases its competitiveness The intensive integration of Russia and Belarus as part of the Union State helps Moscow and Minsk more effectively resist Western sanctions, Russia’s … Read more

Biden Threatens Dollar Ban on Russian Banks

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U.S. President Joe Biden threatened Wednesday to block Russian banks’ access to the U.S. dollar if Russia takes aggressive military action against Ukraine, potentially cutting the country off from the international financial sector. In a press conference marking his first year in office, Biden threatened a host of “severe economic consequences,” for Russia should it … Read more

Russia’s container shipments hit record high amid global logistics crisis

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MOSCOW, Oct 19 (Reuters) – Explosive growth in sea shipping costs is prompting Chinese manufacturers to send more goods to Europe by rail across Russia, but the growth in demand is creating bottlenecks and straining network capacity. With countries frantically replenishing stocks and exporting finished goods as they recover from the pandemic, global sea ports … Read more